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Starting A Home Yoga Practice for Beginners

Starting a home yoga practice can be quite intimidating. It is difficult to stay committed and navigating the poses alone can feel daunting even for students that have been practicing in the studio for years. These tips will help lay the foundations for a healthy home practice.

Create an inviting space

Lay your yoga mat out, get a warm tea or water to sip on, dim the lights and take a breath - in through the nose, out through the mouth. This is your space and you need to feel comfortable in it. If there is a mess in the corner that is bugging you, cover it or turn your mat around. The happier you feel in your space, the more likely you are to return. Schedule a time and stick to it

My days are very busy with a 2-year old running around, which leaves me with little time for my mat. I find that starting off my morning with a quick 15 – 20 min session can jump start my day and gives me the energy to keep up with my little one. The bonus with starting my day off with yoga is that it leaves room in the evenings for other projects I’m working on (hello home renovation) and can even help me find motivation to have a longer yoga session before bed.

Find a YouTube yogi that motivates you

Every student is different and every yoga teacher delivers their class in a different way. You may not connect with the first teacher you have, but don’t let that halt your motivation. I have had the privilege to be taught by several different yoga instructors and each one offered a unique experience. Some are spiritual focused, some make you sweat, and some leave you rolling on your mat laughing. Pick one that speaks to you.

Choose your schedule and repeat

Once you find a teacher that you connect with, pick a couple routines and repeat them. This will allow you to track your progress and help your body remember the flow. Your body will begin to transition into each pose effortlessly leaving your mind to start releasing the thoughts of the day.

Expand your knowledge

Now that you have a routine memorized, it is time to expand your yoga knowledge. By this time you might enjoy some harder classes that you didn’t like in the beginning. Or perhaps your mind has the capacity for a more spiritual focused practice now that you are familiar with transitions from poses. Eventually you will be able to recreate your favourite routines and perhaps even make up some new ones. The important thing is to get on your mat and try.

If you need help getting on the right track, leave me a comment or message me. Namaste Love Nastassja


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