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10 Tools to Help With Anxiety in the First Trimester

Many emotions come to mind during the first trimester. The initial shock and excitement can sometimes move into anxiousness. Will my baby make it? Am I taking in the right nutrients? Who do I tell? What foods and herbals should I be avoiding? It can all become overwhelming on top of your worries about becoming a new parent. Try these tools to help you make the most out of your first trimester stress.

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1. Remember to breathe - Try sitting down with your hands on your belly and taking 10 slow breaths, focusing on each inhale and exhale.

2. Take time for yourself - A walk, a bath, working out or doing something you love will help you reconnect with yourself.

3. Talk to a friend - Sharing your worries out loud can be a good way to confront them. Just be sure to tell your friend if you are looking for advice or if you are just wanting someone to listen.

4. Take an epsom salt bath - soaking in a warm bath is always a great way to calm your nerves. The bonus of an epsom salt bath is the magnesium will help with all the new aches and pains your body is feeling while you are growing your sweet baby.

5. Meditate - download an app, find a YouTube video or listen to a hypnobirthing meditation.

6. Choose your thoughts - write happy thoughts in a journal or repeat a mantra in your head.

7. Think positively - Thinking positive thoughts leads to a positive response in the brain.

8. Live in the present moment - you cannot control what happens next, but you can in the moment. Take comfort in the fact that you are actively trying to do your very best.

9. Do a modified yoga practice - remember to listen to your body. If a posture is causing discomfort try a modified version or move on to the next pose. A wide legged child's pose can be a nice pose to fall into.

10. Write it down - sometimes the simple act of writing down your thoughts will remove them from replaying over and over again in your head. Namaste Love Nastassja


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